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Welcome to the home of Republican and Conservative Muslims all over the United States. Due to the onslaught of the liberal media, and often times our own communities, we have not been able to voice our opinions, communicate and share ideas. aims to change all of that and provide a home for conservative Muslims who believe in the ideals of the Republican Party, are members of the Republican National Committee and want to work towards having more Republicans elected to office.

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Dr. Mohammed S. Alo

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Managing Editor: Dr. Mohammed S. Alo

Mohammed grew up in Toledo, Ohio. He attended St. John's Jesuit High School and played football for the St. John's Jesuit Titans in Toledo. The Titans went to the Division I State playoffs every year except his senior year. He received his Bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Toledo and has been heavily involved in GOP politics and strategy since the 1988 Presidential election.

Mohammed has served on various local committees. He was the youngest member to ever serve on the Board of Directors of Mobile Meals of Northwest Ohio and has been involved in countless local, state, and national GOP political campaigns. He has served as everything from a low level envelop stuffer in his early years, all the way up to political strategist and speech writer for national candidates. He has seen the gamut of political strategies and has experienced it all. He has spent time as a phone bank operator making calls, he has gone on mail drops, and has even been a spokesperson for various candidates and issues. In 1996, he spoke on behalf of Robert Dole For President to many local gatherings in the state of Ohio as well as spent a lot of time crafting speeches for Republican candidates in the state of Ohio and nationally.

While running for student Government President with Vice-Presidential Candidate Terry Kuhl, who was also the College Republicans president, Mohammed and Terry were able to garner the second highest voter turnout in University of Toledo history, with 15.9% of the student population voting. This was the highest turnout in over 50 years. No other election in the past 60 years had even garnered a 4% turnout. He knows how to motivate voters and he can press the right buttons.

Mohammed has debated on behalf of presidential candidate Robert Dole in 1996 and George Bush in 1992 against Bill Clinton. He was heavily involved in GOP politics throughout Ohio and was successful in propelling a number of GOP candidates to victory despite the odds being stacked against him in a predominately democratic labor town, Toledo, Ohio. His strategies are successful and he knows how to connect with people. He is very personable and has an amicable and charming personality. People have always gravitated towards him and often times, he has been more popular than the candidate he was managing. He is visionary and has tremendous leadership ability. You want him on your side.

Mohammed spent many years supporting candidate Forbes' platform and flat tax soultions.

Mohammed palyed an extensive behind the scenes role with George W. Bush and Karl Rove in 2000 in helping secure the "Muslim vote". In 2004 he insured that Kerry did not secure the "Muslim Vote", but rather some highly qualified, half-assed semi-endorsement. It worked very well. Muslims didn't trust Kerry and few voted for him.

Dr. Mohammed S. Alo is a board certified physician and practices medicine as his full time job in Chicago.

Mohammed has seen it all, from the very basics of forming an exploratory committee, to debate preparation, to researching the opposition, to speech writing and delivery coaching. Mohammed is a weathered political strategist and consultant.

Feel free to contact him for GOP strategy and advice, whether you need basic political advice, or need a more comprehensive and broader Republican agenda. Mohammed is highly regarded as a Republican Strategist in general, not just with regards to "Muslim" issues. Being a physician and talking to forty to fifty people a day, he has his finger on the pulse of the American People.

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