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Sarah Palin is the end of McCain

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Last week the McCain team selected Alaska's Governess, Sarah Palin, as a running mate. This marks the end of the McCain team. The move doesn't make sense and a desperation move.

Clearly, the McCain team has decided that this campaign is unwinnable and has decided to throw out a major curve ball.

While many Republicans and the liberal media are celebrating the Republican Party for selecting "a female candidate". They shouldn't be. Wait till they meet her and get to know her.

McCain himself is barely electable, adding Palin makes this ticket very unpalatable to the American people and is his ultimate death sentence. Unfortunately, the Republican party hasn't been able to find a decent candidate to field. It's embarassing, really.

America will soon find out who Sarah Palin is, and they aren't going to like here. It's that simple.

The problem for Republicans is not this November's election. Sure, we lost. The problem will be that she now has confidence and a campaign team that believes in her and will egg her to go on and have further political aspirations. She isn't going to slither back to Alaska. She isn't going away. People will prop her up and tell her to continue running and to continue pushing her on a national scale. That is bad for the Republican party. She stands for everything that they Republican party needs to move away from. Yes, we need a new reformed and youthful party, but she should not be a part of it. Unless she quickly grows up and matures into a bona fide candidate. This will take a lot of work and reading.

So Republicans, will likely have to put up with Palin and tolerate her for the next 10-15 years, if not more. This is a decision McCain will regret for quite some time. McCain, a former Democrat, may actually like what he has done to our party.

Since February, I have been saying that Obama will win it all. We just made his job easier.

Mr. Obama, you just won the November election. Congratulations!

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